Lowongan Kerja IKEA Indonesia

Rekrutmen Lowongan Kerja IKEA - IKEA adalah sebuah perusahan yang mana bisa dikatan sebagai perusahaan peritel dengan fokus utama pada perabot untuk rumah tangga dan perusahaan ini berasal dari Swedia. Perusahaan ini adalah perusahan internasional yang mana terdapat 364 toko IKEA di 46 negara di berbagai belahan dunia.

Perusahaan ini didirikan oleh seorang yang bermana Ingvar Kamprad pada 1943, dan pendirinya saat itu berusia 17 tahun dan saat ini dia sudah termasuk kedalam jajaran salah satu orang terkaya di dunia.

nama dari IKEA sendiri adalah singkatan dari namanya, Ingvar Kamvrad; tempat ia dilahirkan, Elmtaryd; dan desanya, Agunnaryd. Dan saat ini diketahui bahwa perusahaanya memiliki 5 Gerai IKEA terbesar di dunia:
  • Stockholm Kungens Kurva, Swedia: 55,200 m2
  • Shanghai Baoshan, China: 55,032 m2
  • Shanghai Pudong Beicai, China: 49,400 m2
  • Wuxi, China: 49,117 m2
  • Ningbo, China: 47,505 m2
Info lengkap tentang IKEA lihat di : https://www.ikea.co.id/

Dan kali ini perusahaan yang membawa nama besar IKEA ini membuka kesempatan kerja untuk anda yang berasal dari tamatan pendidikan minimal S1 dengan jurusan untuk posisi programmer dengan syarat dan kriteria sebagai berikut.

Lowongan Kerja IKEA Indonesia Tahun 2021

Rekrutmen Lowongan Kerja IKEA Indonesia Terbaru Tahun 2021

Karir lowongan IKEA Posisi :

Interior Design Specialist

Job Location: 
  • Alam Sutera, Tangerang Selatan 
  • Deadline: 06 November 2021
Job Description
  • You support the Interior Design Manager to promote the better home concept and home furnishing know how within the organization with cross function ways of working.
  • You contribute the Interior Design life at home knowledge and insights and contribute to the creation of the yearly direction and plan. You also responsible to work closely with store’s Interior Design team.
  • You will support Marketing and E-commerce with key home furnishing know how to secure relevant and impactful solutions.
  • You will contribute to create additional market specific content across channels and Commercial Calendar related Activities and Events.
  • You promote the usage of global tools and solutions and when needed make the global solutions locally relevant. This will guarantee high quality, simplicity and efficiency.
  1. Experience of working in a customer-oriented (service or retail) industry including experience of leading and managing a team on a customer-oriented service. Ability to develop business plans using knowledge of customer behaviour.
  2. Demonstrate clear communication skills, i.e. the ability to explain verbally concepts and visual interpretation. Also, communicate confidently and clearly in English.
  3. Experience of setting and implementing action plans, setting budgets and following up goals.
  4. Experience of selling gained in the retail industry. Including taking commercial decisions based on national market information. Having knowledge of trends that influence home furnishing, retail design and communication.
  5. Education and experience gained in Interior Design based education. Minimal 5 years of experience in leading team, project and connect with different function.

Account Receivable Officer

Job Location: 
  • Alam Sutera, Tangerang Selatan 
  • Deadline: 04 November 2021
Job Description
  • Book the payment made to the correct account.
  • Control the report sent by cash office team by performing reconciliation to bank statement and GL.
  • Validate incoming cash from customer and refund activity.
  • Prepare listings for accounts receivable balance sheet accounts and customer balance in the books.
  1. Good analytical and critical thinking skills. Accounting principal and bookkeeping.
  2. Work carefully and seriously and high sense of curiosity and responsibility. Have attention to detail.
  3. Be an effective role model. Self-leadership, effective management, collaborating and influencing.
  4. Provide a vision. Good ability to challenge the process and improve the procedure.
  5. Good communication skill and work actively. Good English skill is preferred.

Assistant Accounting Manager

Job Location: 
  • Alam Sutera, Tangerang Selatan 
  • Deadline: 04 November 2021
Job Description
  • Assisting the accounting manager in doing the closing.
  • Supervise AP and AR team.
  • Performing daily accounting jobs such as creating adjustment, keeping track of expenses, generate reports and handling inquiries from auditors during year-end audit, etc.
  • Calculate sales price and the unit cost and reconcile the data. Reconcile intercompany balance and transaction.
  • Prepare listings such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed asset, etc. Preparing data requests from other departments.
  1. Have experience in working for audit firm, preferably Big 4, within the minimum working experience of 2 - 4 years.
  2. Hold Accounting degree.
  3. Ability to operate Ms. Excel.
  4. Have good interpersonal skill, able to work under pressure, and able to speak English.
  5. 25 – 30 years.

Core Area Manager

Job Description
  • I understand my markets, our consumers and their living situations and use this to improve how our customers’ meeting with our range. I see the stores through the eyes of my customers and give constructive, honest feedback to my Shopkeepers on how they can improve the shopping experience for our customers.
  • I grow sales and sustain long term profitability by knowing our global priorities, my range, the national market and competition. I use this information to define and agree with my manager my Home Furnishing Business Plans, thereby contributing to the Country Business Plan. I support the business growth by contributing to a Commercial Calendar which supports the commercial priorities and inspires more people to visit the stores.
  • I work actively with my Sales Leaders to help them identify commercial potential that will improve performance. I also keep the Store Sales Manager updated on agreed actions. I take an active part in the recruitment process of sales Leaders.
  • I decide, agree and deliver national sales, gross margin, gross profit and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and goals which reflect my Core Area of Home Furnishing Business priorities. I control costs through working in a lean, simple, costconscious way using best practice and continually look to find more effective ways of working. I regularly analyse and follow up on sales to steer my Sales Leaders / Core Area Shopkeepers towards achieving their sales targets and gross margin goals and take actions accordingly.

  1. Experience of a management role in the IKEA store.
  2. Proven record of consistently meeting agreed budgets and goals, and working on plans over a number of years.
  3. Ability to develop knowledge of the local market and business decisions.
  4. Experience of using knowledge of customer shopping behaviour to develop business plans.
  5. Experience of actively selling through understanding your customers and their needs.
  6. Job Location: Alam Sutera, Tangerang Selatan

Replenishment Supply Specialist

Job Description
  • Responsible for enabling daily operations and an efficient distribution network on the market by securing an end to end planning and fulfilment process.
  • Responsible for securing optimal replenishment of fulfilment units through securing timely and efficient replenishment and creating optimised replenishment solutions to secure agreed goals on availability and keep lead time promise at lowest cost and to exceed customer expectations, provide a seamless shopping experience and a great quality in meeting with the customer.
  • Contribute to the work of the Flow and Capacity Planning Team in analysing the potential for changing optimal replenishment solutions for high volume articles, including the execution of a smooth switch.
  • Responsible for developing local improvements in working methods, systems and tools and for implementing global routines, systems solutions and ways of working with all partners
  • Responsible for considering the parameters connected to the Customer Fulfilment sustainability agenda on the market while defining optimal replenishment scenarios across all touchpoints.

  1. Skilled in retail and/or logistics processes, tools and working methods, and skilled in supporting an efficient and cost-effective commercial performance.
  2. Customer orientation and centricity. Understanding of the customer needs, demands and expectation. Good knowledge of customer order, range and replenishment administration systems. Providing effective solutions within the area of expertise to business and customer needs.
  3. Attention to quality with ability to complete the work according to procedures and quality standards. Ability to apply analytical process oriented thinking when acting and propose solutions.
  4. Good communication in English skill both written and verbal.
  5. Job Location: Alam Sutera, Tangerang Selatan

E-commerce Operations & Performance Manager

Job Description
  • Monitor operational SLA on a national level, and work closely across different functions and support to develop operational excellence in order to improve SLA and cost performance. You know the local market potential and influencing the commercial team, local marketing and other functions to plan and implement commercial activities.
  • Actively seek for opportunities to strengthen IKEA Indonesia’s online to offline capability. Including changing existing systems, adding new functionalities to our existing touchpoints and re-designing the customer shopping journey.
  • Govern the end-to-end e-commerce shopping and operational flow for the country, across multiple markets, securing a smooth shopping journey and maximize operational efficiency.
  • Lead business process priorities and explore opportunity points.
  • Analyze the performance of the e-commerce business, and provide data insights to the e-commerce manager and commercial team. Utilize data analytics, and geographical understanding to help drive PUP strategy.

  1. Has a strong customer focus, being passionate about retailing and e-commerce. Capable of managing operational process, working across functions.
  2. Good understanding of e-commerce ways of working and strong communication skills. Knowledge on Business Process, documentation and process flow. Understanding of how e-commerce operates within a multi-channel retail environment.
  3. Understands the digital production logic, and what contributes to a good digital solution. You have a proven track record of managing multiple stakeholders in digital initiatives.
  4. Actively give insights and suggestions to enhance IKEA’s digital offering and improve the customer experience.
  5. Job Location: Alam Sutera, Tangerang Selatan

Shop Design & Activity Manager

Job Description
  • You lead the Shop Design team through planning, coaching and coordinating shop design activities in order to deliver to the common objectives and goal.
  • You encourage peers and Shop Design co-workers to improve their knowledge of customer buying behavior, gather insights from market intelligence and translate this knowledge into creative direction for commercial solutions that exceed customer expectations.
  • You actively support in developing the country business plan and contribute to delivering the better life at home action plan. This also to exploit commercial opportunities and understand the impact of actions on the financial results on country level.
  • You will mentor and coach with CMP through matrix relationship. Also facilitate and contribute to the organization of department functional review.
  • You contribute to the competence development of shop design team facilitating training and workshops. You will also be reference for knowledge about range presentation cluster and media layout.

  1. Knowledge about customers' living situations of people in the market, layout as a commercial tools and display techniques, and also knowledge of the customer decision journey on and off line.
  2. Ability to communicate and share creative ideas, concepts and solutions. And understand the evolution of the new retail trends.
  3. Proven success in leading and developing a team.
  4. Strong ability to create shop design solutions.
  5. Job Location: Alam Sutera, Tangerang Selatan 

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