Lowongan Kerja PT Petrosea Tahun 2020 - Banyak Posisi

Lowongan Kerja PT Petrosea Tahun 2020 - Petrosea adalah sebuah perusahaan Nasional Indonesia dengan Kemampuannya yang sudah mencakup skala Internasional yang mana mereka sudxah ada dan berdiri dengan kurun waktu lebih dari empat dekade dan memiliki pengalaman yang patut di acungi jempol.

Perusahaan dengan nama Petrosi ini bergerak dan beroperasi dengan bidang Pertambangan, Rekayasa dan Konstruksi, dan Jasa Basis lepas pantai, Karena pengalaman yang sudah mereka jalani membuat Petrosea menjadi salah satu perusahaan kontraktor terkemuka di Indonesia.

Untuk ruang lingkup kerja mereka menawarkan jaringan dan juga berbagai layanan yang komprehensif untuk sektor Pertambangan Indonesia, dan Petrosea menjadi perusahaan satu-satunya yang aalah perusahaan Indonesia yang memberikan ‘Pit ke Port’ lengkap solusi pertambangan.

Perusahaan besar Petrosea Tbk ini berdiri sejak tahun 1972 dan juga mereka dengan kemampuan dan berpengalaman tinggi dalam bidang konstruksi sekaligus sebagai perusahaan yang juga mencakup bidang kontraktor pertambangan. Untuk jumlah tenaga kerja, sebelumnya tercatat mereka memiliki lebih dari 3000 karyawan.

Dan kali ini perusahaan yang membawa nama besar Petrosea ini membuka kesempatan kerja untuk anda yang berasal dari tamatan pendidikan sarjana yang akan direkrut dengan persyaratan dan kriteria sebagai berikut.
Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Petrosea
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Rekrutmen Lowongan Kerja Pendaftaran PT Petrosea Terbaru Tahun 2020

Lowongan Karir Petrosea Posisi

Document Controller [PT. Petrosea Tbk]

Job Description
Prepare and maintain Engineering documentation in order to ensure all documents are well managed and conform to Engineering and Quality procedures.

  1. Minimum High School graduate
  2. Minimum 2 years experiences in related area
  3. Good computer literacy
  4. Attention to details
  5. May be required to work extended hours to meet reporting deadlines
  6. May be required to travel to site.

  • Monitor the implementation of document control procedures to ensure all documents circulations are conform to company’s procedures
  • Prepare and maintain all documents/drawings in the Quality Document Management System in order to ensure all Engineering documentations are well managed
  • Conduct physical distribution of documents and receipt of transmittals to ensure all documents are distributed in timely manner
  • Maintain hard copies in the prescribed manner.

Estimating Manager [PT. Petrosea Tbk]

Job Description
Manage and lead the process of estimation across all disciplines in the company from tender preparation to the actual implementation and ensure that all estimates are built up in accurate, reliable, and systematically conform to company’s procedures and current situation.

  1. Minimal Bachelor degree preferably in Engineering
  2. Minimum 10 years experiences as estimator/Lead Estimator
  3. May require local & overseas travel for site visits as well as occasional short term assignments to work in other Petrosea / Indika offices, partners’ offices etc.
  4. Overtime working will be required from time to time
  5. May require acting as Estimating Coordinator.

  • Manages estimate preparation and submission
  • Organize and facilitate the review and approval of proposals
  • Ensure quality, integrity and accuracy of all proposals
  • Allocation of resources (estimating & proposal) for tender preparation
  • Prepare and review tender budget and monitor actual and planned expenditure
  • Develop resource utilization plans
  • Complete Tender Document Executive Summary Form
  • Sign off the Final Review packs
  • Coordinates the completion of all required tender deliverables, submission text and attachments
  • Review of accuracy of cost estimates
  • Development of and maintenance of estimating norms and databases
  • Development and maintenance of competitor analysis
  • Quantify risk/opportunity matrix
  • Provide monthly estimating & Proposal report
  • Estimating and Proposal Team Management
  • Maintaining and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.

Full-Stack Developer [PT. Petrosea Tbk]

Job Description
Responsible for developing, shaping and implementing any digital & non-digital products for the company, ensuring on the leading edge of technology through consistency approach and follow end-to-end software development life cycle (SDLC) using any the latest up-to-date Standard Technology Stack.

  1. At least 4-7 years of Software Development experience with experience working in Agile Teams
  2. Specific Expertise, Excellent and In-depth Experience in using Modern JavaScript (React Native, Vue Native, Java, Kotlin), support with Software Design Pattern : Model-View-Controller (MVC)
  3. Specific Expertise, Excellent and In-depth Experience in Programming Language : Python, Golang plus DotNet and NodeJS, Concept JavaScript Library for Realtime Web Applications (Socket IO)
  4. Experiences in Frameworks, Methodologies and Processes of Software Development such as : DDD (Software Design), FBP (Programming Paradigm), TDD (Code Design)
  5. Strong Knowledge and Experiences in Full-Cyle Development of Application Programming Interfaces (API’s), Interface or Integration with Middleware/Gateway to any other Business to Business (B2B) or Host to Host (H2H) Enterprise Application, Building Java, J2EE & Web Service Based Applications
  6. Familiar and Got Experiences with Augmented Reality and has been involved at least at 1 Full Cycle Implementation or part of Product Research & Development Team
  7. Experience using JIRA/Microsoft Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS)/Talend/Trello/Power Steering/KPI Fire/Wave/Redmine/Bitrix24/TaskWorld/SoftBless or other similar Project Management & Collaboration Tools
  8. Experience and Working Knowledge of HTML/CSS, XML and a Modern Front-End JavaScript Framework, such as ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, EmberJS and ReasonML and Application Security
  9. Good Programming Skills in at least one of Modern Programming Language/Framework, such as Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, C, C++, Python
  10. Knowledge of SQL & DB Technology : MSSQLServer/PostgreSQL/MySQL/MongoDB/MariaDB
  11. Real Passion for Development and a Demonstrated Appetite for Continual Learning
  12. Knowledge of Pair Programming, Continuous Integration and Test-Driven Development
  13. Experience with at least one Unit Testing Framework, such as Mocha, RSpec
  14. Familiarity with the concepts of Functional Programming and MicroServices is a plus
  15. Community contributions (e.g., open source work, publishing/speaking on technical ideas) is a plus
  16. Professionalism, Discipline, Integrity and “Can Do” Attitude, Team-Work Oriented, and able to Lead Cross-Functional Work. Able to Communicate, Presenting, Writing and Reading in English.

  • Working on All Aspects of Software Development : Requirements Gathering, Analysis and Design, Development/Programming, Unit & Integration Test, Debugging, User & Technical Doc, also providing support for installations into production, including Troubleshooting & Problem Solving, Support & Maintenance for Production environments
  • Use agile engineering practices, various software and web development technologies and other development supporting tools to rapidly develop creative and efficient solutions that enhance the client customer and employee experience
  • Collaborate with other Team Members to craft clear expectations, user stories, end-Result/output, design tests for prototypes and products and continuously deliver product enhancements
  • Communicate with Peers in Transformation Office/Digitalization Team and IT/ICT Teams about any Digital innovations that are tying into Bedrock IT Systems
  • Maintaining and implementing SHE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.

Mechanical Engineer (Head Office) [PT. Petrosea Tbk]

Job Description
To produce accurate and complex engineering calculations and documents and bring high level skills and extensive experience in specific engineering design areas in order to support success of project implementation.

  1. Minimum Bachelor degree preferably in Engineering
  2. Minimum 3 years experiences in handling Mechanical and Piping, process design and process engineering
  3. Strong Leadership
  4. Analytical thingking
  5. Excellence computer skill
  6. Ability to conduct mechanical calculations, design and estimating
  7. Ability to conduct technical bid evaluation
  8. Knowledge of best practices in technical bid evaluation
  9. Familiar with ISA standard
  10. Ability to analyse and establish mechanical drawings

  • Establish mechanical calculation, prepare data of equipment and conditions, analyze and ensure that weight and thickness of equipment’s meet with requirement in order to ensure the accuracy or availability of equipment
  • Review mechanical draft from client and interpret the draft into drawing for fabrication to ensure drawing comply with design criteria and specification
  • Maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements
  • Prepare datasheets, specifications, basis of design, and engineering reports
  • Prepare RFQ packages accurately and conduct technical bid evaluations
  • Assist in the preparation of CTR’s and provide input into scheduling
  • Check discipline engineering documents accurately

Project Control Superintendent [PT. Petrosea Tbk]

Job Description
Direct, control, and coordinate the project cost, schedule, contract and QS in maintaining timely and effective change management process, procedures, and systems to ensure that all project management activities are well managed, conform to budget and company’s regulations and procedures.

  1. Minimum Bachelor Degree in any Engineering disciplines
  2. Minimum more than 7 years experiences as Cost Controller, Scheduler, or Project Control
  3. Familiar and fluent with project control programs such as Dbase, SAP, etc.
  4. Strong leadership skill
  5. Good analytical thinking
  6. Contract awareness.

  • Develop the work breakdown and coding structures
  • Develop the project program and establish project control budgets
  • Assure and control the completion & quality of Project Control activities
  • Monitor, control and report on exposure commitment, expenditure, and project progress
  • Assist Superior to manage the Project Control team allocate work
  • Implementation for all Project Control system (software) to integrate with SAP
  • Forecast the use of project financial resources and identify variation order if any
  • Calculate the financial outcomes of activities and assist Superior to prepare annual project and overhead budget/forecasting for BOD/BOC materials presentation
  • Evaluate the information and prepare claim submissions
  • Identify and quantify emerging changes
  • Evaluate project controls performance and project information and data
  • Variance Cost Analysis, S-Curve analysis with earned value method comparison again baseline
  • Schedule Analysis/ Critical Part Method
  • Risk and Opportunity update with Superior and Project Manager
  • Review project claimed to Client and COP (SAP) to vendor/subcontractor, every month as per contract requirement
  • Assist with Project Manager to review project close out report
  • Reviewing works breakdown structure cost and schedule and Setup in SAP
  • Determine the requirements for project control
  • Retrieve, record and present Project Control information
  • Acquire and handle information needed for Project Control
  • Establish Project Control procedures, methods and systems
  • Evaluate Project Control performance, project information and data
  • Setup progress measurement methods and systems as contract requirements
  • Develop the skills of your Project Control team members
  • Maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.

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